JarrBar is the creation of Bryan Jarr. An intimate place with cured seafood and meats paired with classic cocktails, wines, and beer.

JarrBar is the creation of Bryan Jarr. In 2014 Bryan travelled through Portugal and the north of Spain researching traditional ways for preserving seafood. Having co-authored "In the Kitchen with the Pike Place Fish Guys" with the World Famous fish throwing guys of Pike Place Market, Bryan has a deep love for all things from the sea and the history and pulse of the Pike Place Market. While traveling, Bryan was inspired by the intimate neighborhood bars found in almost every city and town. Delectable anchovies and a plate of ham along with a cold beer made a great meal anytime of the day. Thus JarrBar is born. An intimate place featuring cured seafood and meats paired with classic cocktails, wines from Iberia (and a few closer to home), and cold beer. Bryan also co-owned Madison Park Conservatory, a place that did not last but created some amazing food and memories.



Make it a Purple Reign NYE. JarrBar opens at 11:30am on December 31st to see if the Washington Huskies can accomplish the biggest upset of the Century and knock off the Crimson Tide of Alabama. Then it will reopen at 8pm for a NYE Party featuring the Purple One, Prince! Ring in the New Year at JarrBar.




Kick off your holiday celebrations tonight at JarrBar. We are showing the hilarious Thanksgiving classic Planes, Trains and Automobiles at 9pm.


[11/12/16]   Tonight at JarrBar we continue celebrating our One Year Anniversary with a very special evening. A year ago a young bartender took a chance on a new little bar and moved up from LA. He has been here since the beginning and basically runs the whole show. So tonight we celebrate Jesse Spring. Without him I don't think we would have survived. Tonight he curates the music. Crafts the cocktails and because all of us need a little laughter On the Big Screen later we will show Saturday Night Live with Dave Chapelle and Tribe Called Quest. Thank you Jesse!!!

[11/10/16]   Okay it has been 24 hours. I've had a bit of time for both shock and then reflection. And I am posting this both to my business and personal pages because I am a small business owner so I want this shared far and wide. Today I saw at least two positive events that inspired me. First was Mayor Ed Murray's address that clearly stated the values of Seattle. Next was a peaceful protest coming down Eastlake from the University of Washington. There were many people. There were signs. There were chants. There was anger. There was strength. And most importantly there was confidence that one election or one politician does not control or define us.

All of it made me think of one thing. Remember when you see issues or movements that seem like they take forever because states and courts and bureaucracy block them? And you are so frustrated that the will of people cannot move things forward? Well that is called State's rights. It is a founding, yet often flawed principle of our Nation. But guess what it still exists so now we have four years to use it to our advantage. So Washingtonian's rise up!

We cannot control your friend in Italy's view of America or the Military focus of the country or the country's position on trade deals, alliances or foreign policy (yes all of this is scary). But we can impact many, many things. And real impact on issues that ultimately affect us much more in our daily lives.

Washingtonian's we can:
- Support policies and rights that equally protect and empower residents, native communities, minorities and immigrants alike.
- Enact legislation that protects our natural resources and acknowledges and addresses Climate Change as a serious issue.
- Invest in education across all levels and classes.
- Invest in job training and retraining programs so that the working class is not forgotten or marginalized in the growing or changing economy.
- Provide quality healthcare to as many people as possible.
- Set policies that encourage and support small businesses.
- Invest in programs to encourage products and services that create, operate and employ in Washington. Whether that is agricultural, manufacturing, artistic or service oriented recognize that investment here means the rewards stay and are reinvested here.
- Continue to be on the forefront of technology, science and health research. What's more important? A presidential election that happens every four years or finding a cure for cancer? We've never had a presidential candidate from Washington but we do have Fred Hutch!
- Pay a living wage to all workers in the State
- Stand up against misogyny
- Stand up against bigotry
- Stand up against xenophobia
- Stand up against facism
- Stand up against anti-gay policies, sentiment and rhetoric
- And yes much, much more.......

So let's go all in. Yes it will cost money. Yes it will all not work out like we want it. But let's show the rest of the country how awesome the world can be. We are not Ohio or Florida or Texas. We are Washington and they are not controlled by us but we are also not controlled by them.

So let's invite immigrants, minorities, working class, middle class, elite class and all ages to make our State, the State of Washington the best it can be. Come on! compared to many places in the country we live in paradise. We have a rainforest, two mountain ranges including Mount Rainier, the Columbia River, Puget Sound and the San Juans. We have thriving industries in technology, agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing. Boeing still makes incredible aircraft that is flown all over the world. Amazon allows you to get anything and I mean almost anything delivered to your door within 24 hours. And Expedia allows you to research, price and book your dream vacation anytime of the day. We grow great produce, make great beer, wine and now liquor and have access to the best seafood in the world. We have amazing restaurants and my personal bias have the best public market in the country with Pike Place Market. Yes it rains but when climate change really kicks in do you want to be here or Arizona?

Tomorrow I move forward. Tomorrow I am positive. Tomorrow I understand that with all I cannot control there is also much I can make a difference in. I hope you are there with me.

Sorry for my extremely positive and cheesy rant. But at least tonight it is what I believe.

Thank you for allowing me this forum. Sorry for any grammatical errors...... It is past midnight!

Bryan Jarr

[11/10/16]   Hey fans we organized our special dinner for Friday night a little late so response has been low. So we are cancelling our dinners on Friday night and instead will be open to everyone regular hours 4pm-2am. Chef Zoi Antonitsas and I will be planning more special events in the coming months to preview the Jarr & Co. opening coming next year. Thank you for the support.



We continue our anniversary celebration tonight by featuring one of our favorite purveyors Eric Stone. I call him the man of all good things Spain. JarrBar definitely would not be the same without the wonderful products we get from Eric. From 6-9pm we are offering:

30% off all Matiz tinned seafood
$10 Iberico meat board
Featured wines from Vinea Imports


Thanks to everyone who came out last night to kick off our anniversary week. Tonight it is all about our country. Election coverage all night long on the big screen. With music most likely on the sound system because hearing the pundits speak for 10 hours can get a tad bit irritating.

[11/08/16]   Great Hawks win. Sorry fans A/V issues mean we are not showing Martha and Snoop. Instead same drink specials and Snoop radio.


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